#45 – Corporate Salesman Turned Attorney and Self-Defense With Charles and Tracy Vega

Charles and Tracy Vega have been through a whirlwind. After a successful career in corporate sales, Charles decided he was going to leave to pursue law and become an Attorney. This was incredibly risky, but it paid off for him and Tracy as Charles started his own law firm in Florida after passing the Bar Exam! On top of all this, they founded a self defense company called Simple Self Defense for Women® which is a unique program that’s designed for women who want to know how to Prevent, Avoid and ESCAPE an Attack, Threat or Abduction. If you want to connect with Charles’ Law firm (he can only help you if you’re a FL resident) you can find the website at https://www.charlesvegapa.com/ and you can find out more about Simple Self Defense at http://www.simpleselfdefenseforwomen.com/

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