#39 – Startup Accelerators and Early-Stage Entrepreneurship With Brian Scordato

If you’re a prospective entrepreneur or a someone who wants to learn about early stage accelerators, this episode is most definitely for you. Brian has experience starting and scaling companies including his current venture, the Tacklebox Accelerator. I had the incredible opportunity to participate in this amazing program where one learns how to stress test early stage ideas to see if they have legs or not. There is no better episode to listen to if you’re looking to venture into an idea that you’re considering pursuing. You’ll learn about a MBA in Entrepreneurship, and what the goal of attending a similar program truly is. If you want to connect with Brian you can find his website at https://gettacklebox.com/ or email him at brian@gettacklebox.com. Also, listen to his amazing podcast called Idea to Startup which you can find on all major listening platforms!

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