#30 – Construction to Non-Profit Foundation With Daniel Regan

At 85 years old, Daniel Regan has done a multitude of good deeds. After a successful career in construction and development, his foundation, he created the Daniel and Trudy Regan Foundation over 30 years ago. His team has turned mannequins from failing businesses into pieces of artwork to catapult artist’s careers. He has also donated money towards orphanages in Tibet and so much more! The foundation is a non-profit in every sense of the word and his Art Gala is 3-day ‘Artists & Mannequins Coming Out Gala’ will take place in New City, New York in late Spring/early Summer depending on COVID. If you want to be a part of this amazing event whether as an artist to make a masterpiece out of the mannequins or wanting to volunteer time elsewhere, you can contact the foundation at 845-323-3107, or via email at datru@optonline.net. You can read a bit more about the event at the following link: https://roov.io/artists-mannequins/

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