Hi everyone, thanks for coming to our website! We are so glad to have you here. We started this podcast because we are extremely passionate about career development. We know how tough it is to figure out what to do professionally. We wanted to broadcast networking conversations that we were already having to hopefully help everyone in need. If you don’t already subscribe to our podcast, we release episodes every Thursday morning. If you want to learn more about us individually, check out the passages below!

What’s up everyone? I’m Ben Ornstein and if you ask people close to me, you’ll quickly find out that I’m obsessed with helping others find their passion professionally. I graduated from Susquehanna University’s Sigmund Weis School of Business and then spent 2 years as a  Financial Analyst at Morgan Stanley functioning as a Derivatives Funding Product Controller. I now function at an early-stage startup in the social/crypto space called Trailit as a Business Manager.

Outside of work I love networking alongside Jin (it’s partly why we started this podcast!) I also love to play tennis in my free time and really enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks.

If you want to learn more about me or connect with me, you can do so on LinkedIn or Instagram at the buttons next to my name!

Hi everyone! I’m Jin Zhang. Like Ben, I enjoy networking with individuals to learn about their career paths and experience. I aim to form long-term professional relationships. I  graduated from Susquehanna University’s Sigmund Weis School of Business, and now I’m working in the Financial Services industry in Washington D.C!

Passion for networking is the main reason that inspired Ben and I to create this podcast. We wanted to focus on interviewing successful individuals from various backgrounds to provide insightful information into different career paths.

Other than networking, I enjoy experiencing new things in life:

  • Travel: I have been to many countries and three continents. Someday I would love to travel the world. Let’s connect if you are a traveler. I would love to hear about your experiences.
  • Play Sports: Any sports, recently got into golf!
  • Photography: Capture the moment with the power of a lens. Check out my photography website at www.thatkidjin.com.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn or Instagram, click the link above!